Sunday, February 28, 2010

Today's the Day!

As of today, Cincinnati's Brewing History is officially on the market! Purchase your copy online, or come on down and see me at one of the book signing events below:
  • Saturday March 6, Bockfest Hall ( for directions): 12-4
  • Saturday March 13, Borders on Colerain Ave.: 1:30-3:30
  • Saturday March 20, 34th Annual "Luck O' the Irish" Mini Canvention & Breweriana Show, Holiday Inn Mineola Pike (Erlanger, KY): 11-1
  • Sunday March 28, Barnes & Noble in Florence, KY: 2-4
  • Saturday April 3, Barnes & Noble at Newport on the Levee: 2-4
This has been a truly fascinating experience that has forever altered the way I perceive my hometown. I've personally learned so much about Cincinnati's rich historical legacy and am enthusiastic about what's to come!

This book has only come to fruition due to the extremely generous assistance of many individuals who care very deeply about the subject and about the city of Cincinnati. Local historians, collectors, beer enthusiasts and others have donated their time, their knowledge, their resources and their personal collections to make this book happen and I'm very grateful to have met every one of them.

In the short term, my hope is that readers like you will purchase this book as a brief introduction to (or summary of) the topic. A little something to whet your knowledge-seeking appetite, if you will (and believe me, this book will make you thirsty). In the long term, however, it's my hope and desire that this and other books, articles, videos, tours, associations, etc., on a broad variety of topics (coupled with a wealth of historically significant architecture) will all help to cultivate a thriving heritage tourism industry focused in Over-the-Rhine.

So these are my thoughts upon the publication of my very first book! I hope you enjoy!

P.S.: Check out this article from this weekend's Enquirer.

P.P.S.: I do have a quick correction to point out. One of the first images talks about Moerlein's vivacious son Charles. Not sure what planet my brain was on there (perhaps thinking ahead to George and Charles Wiedemann? Who knows.), but the son's name is actually George. Exactly why it's SO difficult to hand in that "final" copy when you're a writer, but c'est la vie!