Friday, May 29, 2009

Hold the phone

Apparently this is happening too.

Crazy Party Gag, Courtesy Wiedemann's

Are you looking for a way to spice up that dull weekend gathering you're only slightly not dreading? Well Wiedemann's has the answer for you! Try out this HILARIOUS party gag - you'll surely have the room in stitches...

(Image taken from a 1950s Wiedemann Brewery Guide to Beer pamphlet, courtesy Beer Dave)

So.... Is this how drunk people amused themselves before flip cup??

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Newport beer signage

Having recently relocated to the southern side of the river, I spend a lot of time roaming the streets of Newport, KY. Now there are many aspects that give Newport and other Kentucky river towns old-school charm and appeal, but one of my favorites is the beer signage. Lingering above local watering holes and grocery stores can be found the remnants of what was once - and will someday again be - one of this region's most powerful industries.

"Pure Grain" Hudy sign above the Mansion Hill Market, steps away from Mansion Hill Tavern.

Peluso's grocery sports an old Burger sign, next-door to a new(ish?) skate shop whose signage displays a nice vintage style as well.

Momentarily skipping across the river is one of my favorite beer ads of all time - the Little Kings mural on Central Parkway. This has been around for as long as I can remember, and I distinctly remember being really freaked out by the King as a kid. I think it's the combination of the crazy eyes and the fact that he kind of looks like a Fraggle. Either way, I've become quite fond of him as a grown-up.

Best name for a neighborhood bar EVER.

While we're on the subject of best names ever, here are two more of my Newport signage faves, completely unrelated to the topic at hand but nonetheless amusing to yours truly.

for sin....

and salvation. Could the Brass Ass and the Old Time Holiness Church be any more quintessential?

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Have you heard?

The answer, if you read the local paper, websites, blogs, etc., is probably yes, but I'll tell you again anyway... Findlay Market will play host to a summer biergarten with a Grand Opening Happy Hour this Friday! The Over-the-Rhine BierGarten, sponsored by the Brewery District CURC, the Over-the-Rhine Foundation, and the Corporation for Findlay Market, will be open Saturdays 11:00-5:00 and Sundays noon-4:00 from now through Labor Day. Tap beverages include Moerlein Lager and OTR Ale, but if you prefer your brew in a can, Hudy Delight will be waiting your arrival as well. Might want to get it while it's cold, however, as plans are to serve Hudy on tap along with others eventually.

For more information, go here:

or here:

maybe here:

or even here:

See you at Essen Strasse!