Friday, August 21, 2009


It's a long established fact that alcohol makes things funnier. So what more obvious yet genius idea could there be than an event that merges comedians and beer? Cincinnati just happens to one - a FREE beer and laughing festival - this very weekend called Brew-Ha-Ha! 50 comedians, 80 beers, all found at Sawyer Point this Friday and Saturday. The selection is copious, and featured local brews include different varieties of the following: Moerlein, Little Kings, Mt. Carmel & BarrelHouse.

Completely randomly, I originally found out about Brew-Ha-Ha on an airplane last week, as it was featured in whatever Delta's in-flight magazine is called as one of their "To-do" festivals of the month. As Brew-Ha-Ha's website states, "Cincinnati has a proud brewing history and this event pays tribute to it." Alright then. Make me laugh! Which is really not that difficult, as I'm easily amused.

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